Amy asks Lily a question

5:00 PM

BBC Three in England debuted a show earlier this year titled 'Lily Allen and Friends'. while i was away i made sure i caught the two episodes that aired during my stay and i can honestly say it's a very witty, tongue in cheek, gutsy type of show. she has a main guest or two, some online friends to ask questions, audience participation, and a musical guest on each episode. now reading this you should be aware that ms. Winehouse and ms. Allen were not bff's last year around this time. to be honest, i don't think they are close now at all. but on this episode Lily is talking to her guest about how Amy asked her a very peculiar question.*

*note: you have to have a very dry sense of humor to enjoy this and cut through some fat before you get to the main part which starts at 4:30

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