art by Takun Williams

12:56 PM

i've always enjoyed artwork. but ever since i began taking my photography class this semester at Rutgers University, it's been hard for me to just look at a picture/art the same way. i can't just say, "oh that's nice." nuh-uh... i look at lines, colors, angles , patterns... all that. the first piece i saw of Takun's was "I Heart Obama". i checked out some of his other work and noticed that he does have a good range as far as the usage and non-usage of color. some pieces look as though they're bleeding with water colors, yet others have very intricate lines and details. i also enjoy how his work reflects modern pop culture from music, politics, to sex tapes. but enough of how much i like it, form your own opinion and check out his MySpace by clicking here.

ps.. the M.I.A. pic is my absolute fav!

ay Takun... where's my personal piece at yo!!?? lol

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