23 April, 2008

fM X Around the Way Girls

so we got a link hook up (not a blogroll hook up so pause) on AWTG because i filled them in on the kanYe/Alexis story. although it's not a story that i would've preferred to share it's just one that had to be. so although there's a link to check out the story on fM you can click here to check out the shout out.

ps... 1. i've loved AWTG and it's pretty much the blog that made me say, "yeah... i can do this!" and
2. why did i give my baby a name that has different/hard spellings?? :/


J.E.W.E.L.S said...

don't you love putting people on??

keep doin your thing girl=)

ms.rea said...

^^^^^lol i luh her^^^^^

Ana B. said...

ATWG made me want to put people on too babe. Keep up the good work