is that package for me? : FOREVER 21

12:16 PM

i've been in need of a regular everyday bag that can go with about 90% of my wardrobe and won't break my pockets. i simply love FOREVER 21 and knew that they would have a bag that would suit my needs. i went on their site and fell in love with the Kensington bag. so i made a trip to 34th St. in NY and figured that would have it-- ehh wrong!! there was an array of bags, but not what i wanted. while looking around the three floor shop i also came across some cute headbands in colors that just reminded me of ice cream. but, some of the headbands were missing from the set. so i figured it would just be best to go back home and order the bag and headbands online. now they're here and i love them. i get so many compliments on both items and people always ask how much the bag is. when i disclose the price they're jaws drop. loves it!!

want to make people's jaws drop as well?
then shop FOREVER 21 and click here!

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