04 May, 2008

book club: Fabulosity

so here's the thing, i have a tendency of buying/receiving books and then they just sit in a nice stack in my room. so i'm hoping to knock these bad boys out by starting my own fM "book club". i'll just post the book up on here and if you have or would like to read it along with me then you can feel free to do so. there will be a section on the side keeping you up to date with what book is featured and you can feel free to comment about your likes/dislikes from each book. so book number one is obviously, Fabulosity. as much as i am aware that people aren't too much of a fan of the over the top mogul... i am a fan and am willing to read about ms. KLS. so check your local library or make the purchase and let's go!!!


Anonymous said...

Read this book and loved it!!!

Beezie said...

Kimora is the best <33

Maria said...

awww being in GY sucks i cant do book club with FM...oh but its a great idea tho cause now i could steal your idea and do a book club with some youths from a Non Govt. Org (we do HIV/AIDS awareness work) and sometimes the participants just dont wanna b borbarded with HIV talk.. so i could lend them my novels let them read and we could discuss the topics from books (keeping them off the street)

thanks Ms. Rea u and ya bright ideas :D