it's never too late

9:03 PM

this post is about being uplifted and going beyond the grain. my mother who is *coughs* 50 years old began taking a certificate course for life coaching today at NYU. when she told me the news i smiled on the inside (but in natural style i never showed it on the outside lol). but i admired her for her courage and determination to go back to school for the summer despite her age, or the fact that she's a single woman taking care of herself without anyone's help. my mother always instilled in me that i should never depend on anyone-- especially a man. she's not a man-hater by any means, but she's realistic in knowing that things may fall apart one day and one may find themselves on their own to pick up the pieces. when i was younger everyday on the first day of school my mother would always tell me the importance of education and how i would have to work twice as hard because i was a female and a minority. i've always kept that in mind and i have the upmost respect for my mom. she also has the two factors against her, including her age, and she has refused to let that hold her back. congrats to you Mommy!!

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