13 May, 2008

London had 'Sex' today

the SATC movie premiered in London today. there are a lot of people wondering why it hit over the pond before it's home in NYC? well, the answer is that the gals are sort wetting the appetites of fans in other parts of the globe before getting ready for the entree in New York. it's been very clear that i've been starving myself for this movie; however i am aware of some parts of the plot. so i'm going to publish what i know and if i'm correct then you read it here first. if i'm wrong... then i was just guessing lol.

1. Charlotte really does get pregnant.
2. There aren't any "dream sequences".
3. Samantha moves to LA.
4. Someone dies... and i believe....it is.... Mr. Big.
resulting in
5. Carrie and Big don't get married.

i could be wrong... but we have 2 1/2 weeks more to go.


Maria said...

u know what i actually think SJ Parker looks like a pretty plant! i mean if u gonna pay thousands of dollars for an outfit it should b something no one else is wearing right...celebs aka trend setters

danielle said...

i want to wear a thing like sjp has in her hair for my birthday!