mayBE; the calm before the storm...

8:49 PM

1. Santogold "Shove It"
dope song, dope beat. so happy this lady is finally out and i can enjoy her anytime of day. her cd is amazing!!!!

2. Janet Jackson "Rock With U"
this song is so sexy, "talk with your body/ don't say anything at all." this is just makes me want to grab a guy and kiss him.

3. Consequence ft. kanYe West "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"
not a new, but definitely a joint you can jam to anytime. the words carry weight, the beat is smooth, and it features k-weezy!!!

4. Cassie "Official Girl"
very relateable; what girl hasn't been with a guy and wondered wtf is going on in the relationship?

5. Black Moon "I Gotcha Open"
throw back much? lol this is a classic. i bump this in my car like it just dropped. i miss that whole time of 90's hip-hop :/

6. Mary J. Blige "Fade Away"
this tips the mood of the playlist. wanting to disappear feeling like no one understands or your just a big failure-sing Mary...

7. Danity Kane "Poetry"
who knew DK had this in them? i didn't. i love listening to this and closing my eyes just letting the girl guide me through.

8. Madonna "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You"
this describes a "situation" i've recently gotten out of to a "t". when you're in--blind. when you're out--reeefreeeeshed.

9. James Blunt "Wisemen"
i enjoy his cockiness in these lyrics. i love the intro because you think you're about to hear such a pretty song; not so much.

10. The Beatles "While My Guitar..."
love the Beatles. this acoustic song is so painful yet lovely and continues the moodiness of the playlist.

11. One Republic "Too Easy"
Ryan's voice is amazing. this is such a simple song and i love just hearing a voice and strings. close your eyes and enjoy.

12. Amy Winehouse "Some Unholy War"
this is a special version of the song. songs about that hardcore kind of love always catch my heart if i know the singer feels it.

13. Under the Influence of Giants "Stay Illogical"
our modern day Bee-Gees. the drums are sick and Aaron's voice range is ridic. you'd never guess it's a song about cheating.

14. Duffy "Stepping Stone"
get on this girl before she blows up. sort of like a blonde Amy w/o the drama, but definitely with the soul.

15. No Doubt "Sometimes"
off their first ever album. this is quintessential ND. Gwen's voice is so green; and the lyrics are so relatable these days...

16. Gnarls Barkley "A Little Better"
i can't keep telling you how good their new album is. this song makes me want to say , "Preach On Brotha!! Preach On."

17. kanYe West "Hey Mama" (Grammy Version)
i always cry when i hear this. we all know someone we can apply this song to--for me it's mi Abuela that I miss sooo much.

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