NJ Glowed in the Dark

11:15 PM

"Flashing Lights"

the show was craaaaazzzyyyy!!! i did my best to keep away from as much info about it as possible just so i could enjoy each surprise that was in store. so if you don't want to know about it, then feel free to just skip this and watch the video for a taste. for everyone else, let's proceed. the show opened with Lupe Fiasco which was a shock, but i guess it made sense. i'm sure majority of the crowd expected Rihanna to be the first to go on, but after "Umbrella"... but Lupe did his thing and got the indoor and outdoor crowd warmed up.

next to bat was n.3.r.d. seeing the trio perform was a definite treat since i've been a fan since "In Search Of" and i'm glad i got the opportunity to check them out. they had me glowing literally. all the jumping and "spazin'" had me sweating. then there was a special dude on stage spazin' to, well..."Spaz". he had on a hoodie at first and when he took it off and put his face to the video camera the projected on two huge screens, it was non other than Chris Brown. not going to lie, i felt like i was 18 years old all over again.

the group was followed by the lady of the house, ms. Rihanna. this girl is so gorgeous. i've seen her perform once when she opened for Sean Paul in NYC and that can't even compare to last night. the energy, style, and the choice to not lip-synch was very good. she also threw in some M.I.A. and Lauryn Hill tracks to mix things up a bit. but, I do have one question; now was it just me or did she not perform "Take A Bow"? i doubt i was that wrapped up in the moment to miss it, but i really don't recall hearing it.

and finally, mr. West and his spaceship Jane were out. watching his set was like being at the planetarium and following kanYe along with his portfolio of songs as the theme music. he was able to put his songs together and create a story that flowed so easily instead of just busting out tracks back to back. after performing the Grammy version of "Hey Mama" (which i felt like i was the only one who knew the song because i was the only one yelling the opening part out as he sang) he paused on stage and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" played. i'm sure it's a part of his set, but being a Jersey resident with an auditorium of fellow NJ peeps, that was a cool touch (oh how i miss the Sopranos). kanYe's set ended with "Touch the Sky", so whoever missed Lupe before was able to catch him for about a minute for his verse.

all in all the show was awesome. when i found out about the tour i knew that i would be going one way or the other. i had great company and i was able to see acts that i always wanted to see in one night. if i could say one thing to k-weezy it would be "thank you" for all his music, imagination, even cockiness because sometimes you need that in this world to get to where you want to be. in return, i'm sure he would gladly say, "...you're welcome." ;)

ps.  pix and more video will be up as the week goes on so keep checking back!!

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