Complex x lrg xCouvoiseir

8:42 AM


you know when you get invited somewhere and you don't want to go, but something is telling you that you should. so you just throw on something cute but casual, go to the event and end up having a really good time? well, that's how the lrg party was for me; thanks to Mariella for putting me on the list :) the event was held at Reed Space in NYC and it was a good crowd. although it was hot as hell (literally) they made up for it by giving out free Couvoiseir drinks, having Just Blaze spinning, and being very generous with the swag bags. i got to meet Alchemist (such a sweetie) and made some cool connections. tonight is the last night for the three day event so if you can try and check it out.

for more pics go to our flickr by clicking here and go to the "glamorous life" set --> we don't do "jumps" lol

ps sorry for the blurry pictures, i just got a new camera and i am still figuring it out :)

**my top is by Mossimo for Target and i got a sh*t load of compliments on it**

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