01 May, 2008

SATC x Oprah

the ladies, and gent, of Sex and the City were on Oprah today. it was a good episode that gave me chills when all four gals were out together on the couch. all of the ladies looked very pretty (but of course) and the conversations of the movie, and fashion, and romance just had me wishing that May 30th was tomorrow.


J.E.W.E.L.S said...

i can NOT wait till the movie comes out...i think we should get a bunch of girls and dress up and go see the movie in the city!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, did no one not notice that Oprah made the appearance about ALL of them, while SJP tried to talk about what SHE did? I loved it!! I still like her, but, Kudos to Oprah for making SJP realize that SATC would not EVER be without all of them!!