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here are some e-mails i received in my gmail and would like to share:


I know its been awhile, so here are a couple updates: NYFC has added 2
new designers F.O.G. House and Deeply Rooted so go check the site!

Haize.Rava Heart Hoodie is still on sale so if you haven't yet please
go cop one. See Jesse Boykins III - Tabloids (Music Video Official).... he is
wearin the Haize.Rava Heart Hoodie or just turn to BET and
catch the video!

GO read what's new on my blog

Have a Fabulous Day!


Haize.Rava "SupA Designer"


I am emailing you today to let you know about a hilarious new original video we've added to KarmaloopTV
called Hot Chicks Huge Kicks. This clever video which is a tongue and cheek poke at the obsession in the
sneaker culture that we love. The video has already been featured on some major sites like
and BUT, if we really want to get amazing exposure on this video I know that it's up to the power
of YOU, the all-star reps, that can make this happen. So what we're asking you is that you check the video out
here and if you find it entertaining then help us spread the word. We have fooled a lot of people who thought
the video is a real phone line...hehehehe...if you want to send it out like that go ahead......we even set up a fake
phone line that works call it and you will see what we mean!!!

Your help blowing this up is greatly appreciated...

I give you Hot Chicks with Huge Kicks...spread the word:

All the best,
Dennis aka The Kid


Eschmitte' Brand Clothing (pronounced esh-muh-tay) or "Esch" for short is a bit of a cultural mutt. Born out of the '80s and '90s, we are inextricably tied to and influenced by the glory days of pop culture, the height of TV sitcoms, Reaganomics, big business, the many unforgettable sports teams and figures, dirty politics, civil unrest, Michael Jordan and Nike, racial tension/racial pride, and perhaps most importantly, the glory days of hip hop and daring fashion sense. In short, we represent the epitome of where society has been, where we endeavor to go and how we'll look on that journey.

The reality is there are 7,389,023,476 clothing companies out there (and counting) professing to be whatever makes them better than the next. Some good - many are wack. Frankly, it isn't our mission to be the best, nobody ever really is. Our mission is to give you quality product that remains relevant, you enjoy sportin' and we enjoy seeing you in it.

Times change. People evolve. From gangstas to geeks - pimps to prostitutes. Cuff links to cuban linx - hustlers to hermits. Trends soon will fade. Esch is born. and Style is Crucial.

**check out the "emcees should know their limitations" tee**



Soul Fash: click the image for complete info.


if there's any new info//gossip//news//whatever you want me to know about hit me up at

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