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1. Gnarls Barkely "Suprise"
i keep telling people these guys are the GOSPEL. if you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics they are the TRUTH. and not in the way you say it to people just to sound cool--they really are. every time i listen to this song i feel like they are schooling me on how i need to honestly be with people. take heed people.

2. Santogold "Say Aha"
this is just a fun song that makes me want to jump around and act silly--and it has that surfer vibe with it.  am i the only one who feels it?

3.  n.3.r.d.  "Spaz"
loved the commercial and loved jumping around to this at the GITD show and loved seeing Chris Brown act a fool to this onstage!!!

4.  n.3.r.d.  "Everyone Nose" remix
a song with weezy, lupe, AND skateboard p? *pause* lol  how can you not?

5.  The Cool Kids "88"
i think these dudes are pretty cool.  this was a free dl on iTunes so i just added it at the last minute to mix things up.

6.  Danity Kane ft. Day 26 & Donnie  "Ain't Going"
this song is hot and i don't care what anyone says.  i always want to dance and go out when i hear this.  it's also fun to drive to at night.

7.  Christian Rich "Famous Girl 07"
the first time i heard this was on the DimePiece video.  i emailed the designers to find out who the artist was and then after a lot of searching i finally found it.  i like to think he's singing about me lol.

8.  Lloyd ft. Lil' Wayne  "Girls All Around the World"
fun, breezy, summer time, and these two work well with each other--doable.

9.  Madonna ft. Pharrell & kanYe West  "Beat Goes On"
one of a few of the best songs on her most recent album.  i think the featured artists are what make it pop.  but it's groovy and helps keep Madge among the younger folks.

10.  Natasha Bedingfield  "Pocketful of Sunshine" remix
like all die-hard 'Hills' fans i heard this song on the reality show.  Natasha seems to do well with anthem type songs that are light yet heavy at the same time.  overall i like this song more than a "pocketful" lol---booooo

11.  Kid Cudi "Lovestoned Freestyle"
he's sexy and that's all i care about at times.  he can rap the alphabet and i'd like it.  see you in July Kid!!

12.  Ne-Yo "Closer"
am i the only one who tries to do the dance moves in this video? lol this song is all around dopeness.

13.  The Gossip "Standing in the Way of Control"
i wish nothing but the best for this band.  they are fronted by a big girl and i luh dat.  plus her voice is major.  

14.  Adele "Cold Shoulder"

15.  Duffy "Delayed Devotion"
she's featured in the current Paper mag.  i'm telling you she may not be as wild as Amy, but she's just as good.

16.  Jem "It's Amazing"
this is from the Sex and the City movie soundtrack and to me it personally sums up the relationship between Carrie and Big and puts a pretty yet uneven bow on what they have.

17.  Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"
ok so if you didn't know this was the "new kid" on the Canadian hit 'Degrassi'.  he was Manny's love interest for a few episodes.  i couldn't recognize the boy with his new low haircut, but i never forget a pair of eyes.  this song makes me want to camping---nahhhh lol.

18.  Coldplay "Violet Hill"

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