05 June, 2008

new Bubblegum Pony*s totes

my friend Jewels has put these really cute "I Love NY" totes for your pleasure. it's a spin on the classic "I Heart NY" logo, but with a ghetto girl at heart twist (pun intended). these totes come in many different colors and are a good size to carry your flats, water, mags, makeup bag, umbrella, and a snack in. they retail for $25--not bad at all.

and yes i do have one. which one you ask? the black with pink bamboo heart :) THANKS JEWELS!!!

ps. you need to peep the video to get all the contact info or just click here.


J.E.W.E.L.S said...

awwwww....dude, you're so awesome!! thanks so much, im glad you like the bag..xoxo!

ms.rea said...

no prob Bob. we freshmen gotta stick together in this game lol