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so i went into my imeem account just to upload a song and i had a friend request from Paper mag. i'm not sure if the page is "official" but just getting a request was good enough for me. i went onto their page and noticed this in their blog section and thought it was cool--so i decided to share it with you all because sharing is caring.

"From Stevie Nicks' billowy dresses, to Grace Jones's power-suits, to Madonna's Gaultier bra, to Björk's swan get-up, female musicians have a long history of making fashion statements. These days, the current crop of songstresses, both up-and-coming and fairly established, are carrying on the tradition. To honor these women and their impeccable senses of style, we decided to compile a list who we think are the 25 most fiercely fashionable femmes doing their thing in the music biz today. As a way to keep things organized, we divided up the gals into those that rock an ethereal, very L.A. flower child look, those who go for the chic high-fashion thing, those who dress like an early-'90s club kid, those who think outside of the fashion box and those who we lovingly like to refer to as hot messes."

for the full write up click here.

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