SummerStage in Central Park

9:23 PM


so sunday i met up with Jewels, her sister Jessica, and friend Kamila for a hot and sweaty free concert with A-trak, Kid Cudi (yum), Diplo, and the lady of the house ms. Santi White-->Santogold. i have to say if it weren't for the heat wave, girls passing out, and people in wheelchairs moving me out of the way it was an overall good time. ahem well.... a group by a name i can't remember started out to "warm up" the already hot crowd. it was cool but i just wanted to get straight to the action. Blaqstarr spun for a bit then A-trak and my boy Cudi hit the stage and did a good job. he really shined on a song he did over M.I.A's "Paper Planes" and his online hit "Day and Night".


after KC, A-trak and Diplo took turns spinning for two hours straight. i'm not going to lie, that is a lot of time to just stand still and listen to music. i tried my best to stay in good spirits but the heat beaming on me made it hard. all in all, the guys did play some "oh shit" joints from Mobb Deep, Lil Wayne, and Dead Prez to name a few. Diplo also had a set of three girls who came out and had a sick choreography/voguing session.


then finally Santogold came out and 5 songs. i can't front--i was souuuuped. but i wish she covered "I'm a Lady" yet she didn't disappoint with the bangers "Say A-ha" and "Creator". oh and her back up girls are oh so cute. if you gals need an understudy Jewels and i are available lol.


on a positive note i enjoyed some good music, hung out with some girls who had me laughing until it hurt, got a tan, a free Fool's Gold towel and tee, a free CD, vinyl album and restaurant certificate. but nothing, NOTHING comparesd to this...


...the whole time i was there i kept saying that i would love to get a chance to just approach him and say "hi". it was so nice of him to take a break from his convo and take a pic with me. this made it all worth it being that if you turned my iPod on at that moment he would be the artist you'd hear. *sigh*

now ask me would i do this again? the answer is "no". unless..... ;)

check out my flckr and YouTube for more pics and video soon!!

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