09 July, 2008

Vogue x Hello Kitty

yesterday i was at Barnes and Noble looking for the Italian Vogue mag and came across the Japanese Vogue. i saw my precious Hello Kitty on the cover but couldn't understand any of what the mag was saying because it wasn't in english. the mag was sealed but i saw that it was grouped with about two other booklets. time was against me so i looked at the price ($20), put the Vogue down and kept it moving.

today i did a search for "hello kitty vogue magazine" and viola! i read that the mag was dedicated to the mouthless one and came with a specially made HK x Vogue charm. so you know what that means. i will be returning today to cop that magazine. you know the Japanese love HK (she's like the Mickey Mouse of Japan with a theme park and all) and this will be a great collectors piece.


Mighty Franso said...

shit, the japanese MADE her!


"the mouthless one"

lol i love it


Beezie said...

what is that charm ?! is it a necklace bracelet or key chain charm ?

ms.rea said...

it's a charm designed by John Galiano. i wouldn't say it's a phone charm but more like something you'd hook on a bracelet. i intend to just keep mine in the packaging.