"wackness" movie trailer pt.2

12:01 PM

this weekend was all about the blog-stresses; i met up with my classmate/friend Frances on sunday in Times Square so we could catch "The Wackness" movie. we linked up at the Hello Kitty Store (yes i get my Tokidoki pen, stationary, AND free Sanrio bag). the movie was really cool. the music used just brought you back to 1994. there's some NaS in there and a lot of Biggie Smalls. the plot line was simple, yet understandable. it covered relationships between parents, marriages, friends, and the ages. i must say the only con of the whole movie was Method Man's weak Jamaican accent. there was also a lot of weed action going on in the film. at one point i looked over to Frances and said, "This movie is so realistic, I can smell the weed. No wait... people are smoking in here." but i honestly did get so caught up i forgot i was in a theater. so if you can, check it out. it's very chill and you'll have "mad love" for it lol.

ps. someone ratted on the pot smokers and they were escorted out. "TIME TO GO!!!"

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