damn they don't make 'em like this anymoooore

8:10 PM


it was a lovely day as three generations of women shared a calming day at Point Pleasant beach.  however, my mother had a bad case with eye wear.  somehow her H&M sunglasses broke and ...well...i'm not going to embarass her lol.  BUT beyond that i was more upset than anything when my Christian Dior Glossy 1 black sunnys broke when they were put inside of her wristlet. i thought it would be a fun idea if my Mother and i went on a ride together and smart Ramona decided to put my sunglasses inside of her wristlet so they wouldn't fall off of my head. silly me!!! my Mother couldn't grasp (PUN INTENDED) the concept of holding on to the handle bars therefore used her wristlet as something to hold on to. the end result was my Dior's breaking :(


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