i love me some Isis

10:02 AM

did you watch the new cycle of ANTM? i sure did. let's start off with the whole space age theme: it was a good idea in theory, but after a while it was like, "ok you can stop now". the best part of that was seeing Mr. Jay-oops- i mean BETA Jay with his silver hair down. he kind of looked like Michael Jackson to me lol. but i'm going to go straight to the point and say that i adore Isis. the girl knows her stuff (duh all the gays do)! i'm not sure how far she'll go in the competition, but i know that Tyra is smart and will keep her around for a while. but i can just smell that Isis won't take any sh*t from anyone, so i can't wait to see some drama unfold.

now for home-girl who got kicked off--DESERVED IT!! how are you going to introduce yourself by saying, "Hi... I'm America's Next Top Model"? now when you meet people they're going to say, "oh YOU'RE THE GIRL who got KICKED OFF of America's next top model FIRST". and Lord help me if i here one more person sob and say , "I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!" boo hoo hoo. wipe the tears and go for what you want then. you were on the show--so work with that. you don't need to win to get ahead silly. *sigh* ok i'm done-lol.

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