ooh vs. eww: the new 90210

1:16 PM

i know i was part of the many people who tuned into the new 90210 series. personally, i found it to be pretty good. i enjoyed seeing Kelly and Brenda (Nat needs to retire) lol. i like that Kelly is a single mom still trying to make a difference with teens. it's ironic because out of all of the original cast members you'd expect to find the character of Kelly married to some rich guy and not have to work. another key part of the show is Kelly's little sister Erin-remember her? ok, remember when Kelly's mom and David Silver's father got married and had a baby? that's Erin aka Silver.

downside of the show is that the kids won't cover anything that we haven't seen before, especially with the lead character coming off of Degrassi, c'mon now. and the curly haired blonde ( i don't know all of their names yet) with the lips--yeah she is too old to be playing 16!! but i'm glad there's some color in the mix with the adopted brother. the only time the original class had someone black featured is when Brandon dated a character played by Vivica A. Fox, and when some athlete was being tutored.

so what do the rest of you think? ooh lala or eww lala?? overall i think it will do well and i just hope that there are more cameos by the original cast. now excuse me while i dream about a mega burger :)

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