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fake .com-ers

i've been doing my little ol' blogspot for almost a year. i've gone to different events and have met some really cool people. HOWEVER, i've also come across some other people who...well... suck. i'm not going to reveal specific names, but you might crack a few of my codes if you read this through.

there's one blogger (just because you aren't on blogspot doesn't mean that you're official) who just loves to dangle their life and freebies for the world to know about. ok... it's all good... people are living some fabulous lives and i can't hate on that. but here's my question: if you didn't know the people you do, who would you be? where would you go? would anyone even care? i've seen this person at all of the events i go to--so things can't be THAT EXCLUSIVE. i've even seen this person shopping at the same place i shop...hmmm so much for freebies. this person was also recognized at a party and was given props about their site. you know what the .com-ers' response was? just a mere little ungrateful "Thanks."

here's the thing, sometimes i don't even want to attend certain events because i don't want to deal with all of these pretentious, i'm too cool for you types of people. if one person ever came up to me and said, "OMG i enjoy your blog!" i'd give them a hug and i'd make them my bff for life lol. i don't understand how others just let things get to their heads. at the end of the day we all wipe our ass*s the same way, we all have feelings, and we all started off at ground level. so what's so hard with having to turn around and being gracious to people who like what you do?

if you have a site, go to a lot of places, take a lot of pictures, and mingle with a lot of people-go home and WRITE ABOUT IT, then obviously YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN. don't front!!! so here's my request, don't be a b*tch when someone says hi. at least pretend like you give a damn. someone once told me (in relation to this whole world of blogging and trying to get yourself out there) , "At the end of the day, none of this [stuff] even matters." and now i see what they meant.

so i'm just giving you the "the run down and the flow down of how [it] goes down" for all of you people who read these different sites and have no clue as to what goes on behind the scenes. *sigh* i feel better. AND LET THE BLOGGER BEEF BEGIN!!! LOL

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