22 October, 2008

Sean John takes over Enyce

even with recessions and the loss of Danity Kane up for question, Diddy is still finding ways to make dollars. This week the mogul revealed that he bought the Enyce brand from Liz Claiborne for $20M. this deal means that he has complete rights over everything Enyce including the line RSRV. this list adds to other brands that Combs' owns, including Zac Posen.


Ms. Jones said...

What is Diddy trying to do...literally take over the world?!?! lol

ms.rea said...

as Puff would say "... uh huh.... yeah" lol

★TECHIE™★ said...

Enyce was one of brands that did very well in stores, but whatever happen 2 them, IDK, but the competition is HEAVY in the clothing business and with puffy acquiring Enyce, Enyce could stand to do well.


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