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1:09 AM

target military hat (one size) $3.00--worn
urban outfitters luxe top (large) $5.00--worn
old navy seersucker cropped suit (size 10) $20.00--never worn
h&m top (size 12) $10.00--never worn

ok here's the thing. i buy things... i save them... or i wear them once... then they stay in my life unnecessarily. so here's what i'd like to do--GET RID OF IT!! lol so i decided that i'd start a little online store with items from dresses to Hello Kitty merchandise. i'll put items up with a set price and if you like it then you buy it, simple as that.

as of right now i'm only working through paypal (if you don't have an account you can set one up for free).

shipping costs: $5.00 for total from $1.00-$75.00
free shipping after a total of $75.01

just email me at with the items you're interested in and i'll send you an invoice. once payment is received your item(s) will be sent out.

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