02 December, 2008

ooh vs. eww: MUVEIL x Ugg

soooo here's the skinny on these ltd ed. Ugg boots:

"Dog" lined boots, chesnut colour with wool and tartan lars.

Muveil, japanese designer revisit the famous Ugg boots.The result is in deed surprizing...a dog boots ! so "kawaii".

Fall/winter collection 2008-2009.

oh, and they cost a whopping $724.96

these are a definite EWWWWWWWWWW lala, but you know how it goes. when things are exclusive people get amped. so??? your thoughts-- ohh lala or eww lala?


Ana B. said...

Screw ohh v eww these things are straight creepy and should be given away. LOL

ms.rea said...

yes even the dog on the boot looks like he's saying "this is some bullshit" lol

Anonymous said...