Peep & Grab: Dana La Rock!

4:16 AM

when you have Santogold, M.I.A. Kid Sister. Pharrell Williams. and Total under your MySpace music influences like Dana La Rock's, you're bound to grab the attention of peeps who were teens in the 90's and today. (don't worry New Young Pony Club & CSS, i will be looking you up after this l0l). this OC girl is riding the wave of futuristic beats and sounds; but like she says in the club ready track "FashionMoneyBoyz"- "I don't give a sh!t/ I'm beastin'". Other cool tracks on the downloadable The Fun Tape are "La Lovefest" and "Dwntwn Grl". give it a listen and feel it out for yourself.

*support underground artists*

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