01 December, 2008

why couldn't this commercial be an hour long?

AND WHERE WAS MY INVITE???!!!!! lol i love this sh!t


Bianca said...

yo hottest party EVVVVVVAR!!! DB I LOOOOOOOVE you!!

Mighty Franso said...

... i felt the same way when i caught this on tv.

why i wasn't i there?

stealin moments with methodman?

*disappointed sigh*

ms.rea said...

yes this just reminds me of fall/winter 07 early 08 when i was just going to cool ass parties that were so chill and not all about titties and asses hanging out and you were listening to good music with dj's who didn't just use a macbook (ie. aaron lacrate, mark ronson, q-tip, and dj premiere)