10 Guys You Never Date...Ever!

1:54 PM

by Tasha Cunningham 

1. The Liar � Your interactions with him are based on false information that wastes your time. His coping skills are zero, and he will do it over and over with false apologies when caught. You believe him, and then get sucked in again.

2. The Addict -- Can you fix him? No. Will he fix himself? Maybe. In the meantime, his ability to interact and forge real relationships is stunted, no matter how good a man he might be. The haze of addiction clouds everything. 

3. The Kid Who Won't Grow Up � He will forever need a mother, not a lover.

4. The Angry Man � He will destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence over time.

5. The Mama's Boy � He is the Kid Who Won't Grow Up, with his mother attached. 

6. Mr. Too Good To Be True � He will come on strong, hook you and then disappear, every time.

7. The Drama King � He creates ups and downs that turn your life into a yo-yo. One minute it's good then the next minute it's bad, and it's all about him, always.

8. The Coward � He is afraid to love and afraid to leave, and he won't have your back when it counts.

9. The Passive and Distant Man � He is the one of the most frustrating of all. He turns on the charm when he senses you leaving, and then pulls back when he knows he has you. He will always be absent, wistful, and wanting more. You will not be enough.

10. The Control Freak � This man will eventually abuse you, first verbally and emotionally, then physically. Get out while you can.

These descriptions are clear and easy to understand. Sometimes we girls don't want to see the truth in front of us, though, so if you are having trouble deciding if your man fits one of these categories, write to us at lovepanel@dontdatehimgirl.com and if a guy like this tries to enter your life, think twice before building a relationship with him. It is much easier to move on to a really good man than to try to accept one of these. -- Tasha Cunningham, tasha@dontdatehimgirl.com

i'm going through break-up and if i saw these tips 5 1/2 months ago it would've been golden.  but everything happens for a reason.  you live, you learn, you let go.

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