08 March, 2009

BlackBerry loooove!!

for a little over a week now i've been enjoying my new BB 8900.  i was a sidek!cker for years and have discovered a whole new world.  i love BBM, the download apps from different sites, the camera, video recorder, and even the fact that i can play music and hook it up to my car stereo. ps the sound is amazing.  for this to be my first BB i'm very happy that i waited.
yesterday when i was on twitter i was lucky to be chatting with another BB girl, PurpleLipstiick, and she put me on to NancyDrewThemes (pictured above) and i downloaded the CUTEST HelloKittyXMac theme.

i've also come across sites that show celebs with new BB's and i must say i feel like i joined a kick a** club.  here's Lindsay Lohan with her 8900.  i will definitely be posting pics of BB users whenever i come across them.


NightFall914 said...

Welcome to the CracCberry nation.lol
Glad to left that toy(SK) alone and stepped ya Smartphone game up. :)

ms.rea said...

lol i know i know

Bec said...

My crackberry pin is 253ca63d add me up peeps!! (It took me months to work out how to get my pin!! lol) Now if only we had L-Los pin or Nicoles!