12 March, 2009

New Fav Album: "The Spirit of Apollo"

Blast Off!
Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon of the production duo N.A.S.A. are just releasing their debut album, “The Spirit of Apollo,” but they’ve already got a roster of guests to rival a Jay-Z concert: Kanye West, David Byrne, Tom Waits, Santigold, M.I.A., Chuck D, Lykke Li and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It helps that Squeak E. Clean, a k a Sam Spiegel, is an accomplished producer (and Spike Jonze’s brother). “N.A.S.A. stands for North America South America, and its tracks are a three-dimensional, ever-shifting combination of Brazilian, American and even African funk,” Jon Pareles writes. “Chirpy pop choruses punctuate raps, and the beat stays brisk and unpredictable.” It’s a party, and everyone’s invited, when they perform tonight at Le Poisson Rouge.

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