Don't Feed Into It

10:05 PM

Want a rant and rave? You've come to the right post... So I'm going to start by saying this has been brought to you courtesy of Twitter, facebook, MySpace and whatever networking site shares more information than one should know about.

Lately I've been feeling like the "cool kids" just aren't that cool.  When I started with the idea of fM and I was just blogging on my MySpace page, I looked to many sites and people for inspiration how to go about things.  

After getting my feet wet and going to different events and meeting these people I had the mindset of, "Ok, you're just like me, but now you're ahead of the game and I admire you for that."

Let's fast forward to NOW.  I am not impressed.  I love people, especially women, making moves and doing things for themselves-i really REALLY do.  But I can't stand feeling belittled for admiring them.  You're really not better than anyone.  No one is.

And with Twitter (lawd) I'm sure I could twit about my Lexus, first class trips, Louboutin shoes, chillin' with all my girls (and guys), bullsh*t, bullsh*t, bullsh*t.  WHO CARES?????? Then again, I'm sure that's an off question, especially since these people have so many followers who suck up the tweets like root bear floats. 

I believe my fellow Twitter friend AlmightyDjko said (or twitted) it best, 

I think im too old for this twitter shit.. everyone my age is stuck up and douched out [...] I guess the ultimate gauge of twitter coolness is to have a ton of followers and only follow a handful... the lesser the better....

I feel like people are so overrated and for the wrong reasons.  There's no substance to anything, and this lack of substance leaves the field dry.  I've been so uninspired lately because things have become so wack.  I'm fin to start my own movement.  And oh, I'm so over this "90s" charade.  I lived through it from the ages of 7-17-I'M GOOOOODDDD. (totally another post lol)

Anyway, the point of this post is-I'm over it.  If you're too good to be a regular human being that is approachable and likable then F.U.  And to the "followers" who want to be "followed" like these people...please...DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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