famousGIRL #1: Lady | Gaga

2:50 PM

ok, ok. i know LaGa (i just made that up lol) isn't the first choice on everyone's menu, but you can't deny that you have to give the girl some credit. is she the cutest in the face? no. does she seem normal? not at all. but she knows exactly what she's doing. she can genuinely sing, plays piano, and follow some choreography while wearing some out of this world outfit that would make our grandmothers depressed. also, if you keep up with her YouTube clips, then you know that she even designs those outfits herself as well as prides herself on never lip-synching. she makes no excuses for who she is and that's what i find so refreshing about her. after listening to her music and before kanYe posted it on her site i came to the conclusion that she is the "new" Madonna. she was just as sexual, bold and made you dance.

plain and simple, you may not like the girl-but you love the Gaga.

skip straight to 3:00 if you just want to hear the song.

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