OK!: MJ's Kids and Janet On This Week's Cover

12:33 AM

First off, I'd like to go on the record and say that in no way am I trying to gossip or trash talk. All I'm doing is giving my opinion and I hope that I don't offend anyone who happens to read this.

So, in the new issue of OK! magazine, their cover story is saying that Michael Jackson's three children want to stay/live with their Aunt Janet. The mag reports that Prince, Paris and Blanket “...just melt into [Janet's] arms when she walks into the house.” Honestly, I think that Janet taking them on would be a wise choice. She's the youngest of the Jackson siblings and she doesn't have any other children to care for, therefore she would be able to give them the attention that they need.

Although MJ's wishes involved his mother Katherine and Diana Ross, my opinion is that he looked at those women as maternal figures because that's what they were to him [at one point he said he and his brothers stayed with Diana for a while] ]and they made him feel comfortable. So, it was a natural choice on his part to nominate them as the guardians for his children.

I don't have any doubt that Katherine could handle those kids. Except for Blanket, the older two are at an age where they can help. Not for nothing, but Prince will be able to legally drive in about 3 years. My point is, they aren't infants and I'm not saying that their age and being able to help outweighs their emotional state.

But as I said before, I honestly do think Janet would be the best fit for them if anything at least after Katherine feels as though she could not handle it anymore.

Now, on a lighter note , after going back and listening to some MJ songs on his album "HIStory" and watching his interviews where he's bashing the "tabloid" media I won't be purchasing this magazine. The "Be Our Mommy" caption makes me cringe because I know this is a far cry from the truth of the matter. But I do believe that where this is smoke there is fire, and most of the time these rags are the smoke and fire. So I guess we will have to see how this all plays out.

MJ's fans just want what is best for the kids, and I think that would be for them to remain with the Jackson family-sans Joe...I'm just saying.

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