This Is SO It!

8:43 PM

Today I was blessed to finally find the UK Q magazine at Barnes & Noble. It was the LAST magazine MJ posed for before he passed on. The mag printed the article in the present tense and then followed up with some tribute pages. This will be a bittersweet read because it's safe to assume this was done to promote his comeback tour in London.

After a long stint at B&N listening to the "Off the Wall" album being played in the Starbucks section then catching a classical instrumental rendition of "Smooth Criminal" as I perused for books, I came home and found an box waiting for me. I knew I recently ordered ONE item and it was a pre-sale item due to be released in August. To my delight it was the biography of MJ's life, "The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story". The 700+ page bio is written by an author/journalist who's known Michael since he was 18 and interviewed him and his family numerous times. I can't wait to start reading this and hopefully it will put to rest my MJ obsession.

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