NY Fashion Connect Presents: “Clash of the Coutures '09”

8:53 AM

Couture (noun) \koo to’or\ high-quality clothing made to order by a fashion designer; the design and production of fashionable high-quality custom-made clothes

In keeping with its tradition of fashion excellence, NY Fashion Connect presents another stellar affair to showcase the talents of today’s best and brightest new designers. “Clash of the Coutures ‘09” will prove once again to be the premiere fashion event of the season.

With a focus on preserving the exclusivity that we have established, “Clash of the Coutures '09” will be held at an intimate location in New York City’s film and fashion epicenter. The Chacala NY Loft provides an atmosphere that caters to a diversified crowd that is set to include celebrities, sports figures and top fashion industry professionals, while maintaining the traditional upscale fashion show ambiance.

Attendees will have a detailed and personal look at the array of designs and fabrics that these talented designers, hosted by NY Fashion Connect, are showcasing.

This event serves as a platform for innovative designers to display their newest collections amongst a melting pot of creativity and talent. NY Fashion Connect invites you to partake in an experience that will prove to be rewarding, unforgettable and one of a kind!

To purchase tickets please visit NYFC.

Here's a clip of how the event went down last year.

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