20 August, 2009

ooh vs. eww: Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West "Run This Town" video

Ok, so I get the concept of the video, but I may have to give this an EWW. It's not a video I would watch over and over again and it feels like it's been done before.

I like Rihanna's look with the lace/net eye wear and beret, but that's probably it. I also like the dynamic of all three artists doing a song together-BUT (and I hate to say it) I think Beyonce's voice would've been a better fit for the song. Maybe there was a conflict of interest preventing her from being on the song lol.

So what's your take on it? Ooh la la or Eww la la?

1 comment:

ms.rea said...

see, even the copyrighters don't want anyone to see it lol. i kid, i kid,. but real talk, that frame is pretty dope-so i'm keeping it up and will link to a site that has the video playing.