9:56 PM

Today I started my stint as a fashion intern, and I must say it is not a cake walk.  Yes, the clothes are fabulous and you get to to touch items that you will probably never see in your own closet, and yes there is also a lot of b**** work.

But I am learning to swallow my pride and to take in each moment as a learning block.  
 I also discovered that there is a lot of effort put into creating pictures that people only glance at for a minute.  
The fashion industry is an underrated one where most people only get to see the final product and don't necessarily appreciate what goes on behind the scenes (let's just say my feet are not happy right now).  However, it's an industry that has it's perks, and I'm sure the people behind the scenes feel some sort of high when all of their time pays off. 

If I were asked what my favorite part of today was, it would be catching glimpses of the dozens of pairs of sparkly red bottoms and Choos!!

(A "ms.rea wore what?" update will be on its way soon!)

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