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so last month the marchMADNESS playlist was put out and i think those of you who listened to it really enjoyed it. so to continue the musical loving path this playlist is a concoction of freshness. it's all about being down in order to get on up. you can read more to find out why i picked each song for the aprilREIGN playlist below:

1. Gnarls Barkley "Run"
nothing will ever top "Crazy" and it will go down as one of my favorite songs ever, but this song is just so fast and impulsive that you just can't help but to move to it.

2. Destiny's Child "Happy"
"i'm living// i'm able// i'm breathing// i'm grateful// to put on my happy face" need i say more?

3. KT Tunstall "Hold On"
i'm a big fan of hers and feel that her first two singles really put her in a funny place because they are the only two songs of hers that i don't listen to. but this song is all about holding on and being aware of what you have and prepping for change because the world will keep moving with or without you.

4. Maxi Priest "Wild World"
this reminds me of my ex... we met when i was taking a "break" from school some years ago and he's somewhat older than me. lately whenever we speak he always tries to lure me back into his world-- but it's not going to happen lol. anyway , this song just reminds me of things he would say.

5. Amy Winehouse "Round Midnight"
ANYTHING Amy comes out with i love. i happened to come across this song and of course... I LOVED IT!

6. Alicia Keys "I Need You"
this is my FAVORITE song on her album. it's soulful and just makes me do a screwface whenever i hear/sing it. it just makes being needy seem so beautiful.

7. Mickey Factz and N.E.R.D. "Locked Away"
i really wanted to put this on the marchMADNESS playlist, but i didn't find it to be a great fit. but it suits this playlist much better... and i just love hearing Pharrell sing.

8. Michael Jackson "PYT 2008 Remix"

i'm not going to lie, i'm not a big fan of the re-release of this album. however Will.i.am's mix of this always gets me feeling upbeat and pretty lol.

9. Yelle "Trop Bonne Pour Toi"
like a lot of people, i found out about her when she was featured as Mtv's artist of the week late in march. her music is just bright and happy and enjoyable.

10. Nouvelle Vague "Manner of Speaking"
ok so on my plane ride back home from London i watched 'A Mighty Heart' and this song came on during the last part of the film and into the closing credits. i remember just resting my head against my chair, closing my eyes, and letting the song take over. it's such a simple yet lovely song that says "nothing" yet "everything" at the same time.

11. Leona Lewis "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word"
she's big in the UK and has began to make waves in the US. her rendition of this 70's song is gorgeous and i find myself repeating it a lot.

12. Chrisette Michelle "Best of Me"
if you're not familiar with the name, you may be familiar with her vocals on Nas' "Can't Forget About You". this song just reminds me of a situation which we could pretty much hear when listening to the lyrics and in the end realizing that what's meant for you will be.

13. The Pixies "Where is My Mind"
it's a question i ask myself everyday lol. it's been ripped by M.I.A., was in the movie 'Fight Club', and is just one of those classics.

14. The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful"
from february on, every magazine i read had a piece about this duo. recently iTunes featured them and had a free download, so i said "Why not?" they're from London, the song is upbeat, i thoroughly enjoy the beginning when it sounds like she's choking (sounds gangsta lol) and it brings out my inner rock chick.

15. Madonna and Justin Timberlake "4 Minutes"
do i really need to explain?

16. Kraze "UK Grime Riddim"

i'm really feeling UK Grime music. i love the beats and the fast pace and i hope it really catches on over in the States.

17. Mavado and Jay-Z "I'm On the Rock"
as much as people may not think i am, i do love reggae music. i heard this for the first time when i was away as well and it's a great one to bump while in the whip.

18. Lupe Fiasco "Streets on Fire"
i love how Lupe can make me move AND listen to his lyrics as well. most songs you know the words from hearing it repeatedly and they become printed in your mind. but for him, i stop and open my ears.

19. Common "Forever Begins"
oh Common, let me count the ways. this is another man who i stop and listen to. the song is great, i love Pops lol, and i enjoy the texture of Common's voice and what he speaks.*

*this playlist is dedicated to Mr. M. Fernandez

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