i'm in Snoop's video

8:16 PM

ok not really, but i was doing my usual MySpacing and saw a post from Snoop saying "Be in Snoop's Video". so i checked it out and saw the link for JibJab. i was nervous because i wasn't sure if it was spam or not, but i checked it out and it's the funniest site EVER. i am soooo under the weather right now and when i created my video i was rolling. i even decided to play a prank on my Mom by telling her i had recently done a Snoop video and asked if she wanted to see it. you should've seen the look of horror on her face lol, classic. i pressed play and watched her face as she anticipated my cameo and she began to crack up when she saw my bobble head cozied up with his. anyway you have to check this out. you'll enjoy it a lot.

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