27 April, 2008

cop that, cop that!

three albums dropping this week on Tuesday April 29th are Madonna's "Hard Candy", MySpace favorite Santogold's self titled debut, and Estelle's "Shine." "Hard Candy" features duets with JT and kanYe and production work with Timbaland and n.3.r.d. for "Santogold" if you're not familiar with her work, then you need to surf online and get acquainted. her voice is so out of pocket but so damn good; if you like M.I.A. with a splash of Liz Phair, then you'll like her. and for Estelle, her album is filled with soul, hip-hop, and that special thing that only Londoners can bring. she also has callabos with k. Weezy, Cee-lo, and protege John Legend. so now if you'll excuse me i have to check out the Sunday Star-Ledger and see who is going to have the best deals for these cd's. yeah... i'm going to buy cd's. i know that my girls will definitely make it worth it.


Jenine said...

Definetly getting Santogold!!! I have an album with her previous band it sooo good. So I know she'll def deliver with this one.

JBCamille16 said...

madonna needs to give it up if i were her kids i would be embarassed shakin her old lady ass all over the place lol and the santogold pic scared me!!! like it disturbs me like the picture of all the hands for the vaseline commercial =( but its still a good blog =)

ms.rea said...

if i were Mady's kid i'd want her to keep going until she felt like she was ready to give it up. as much as some people are "over" her, there are a lot more who are "under" her cool ass spell.

and the Santogold cover is a bit urky. but because she doesn't get as much air play is 50 Cent or Lil Wayne, she needs a cover that will make people stop in the store and say, "ew, wtf!" (pick up cd) "OH SHIT! Santogold cd came out!" it's not even advertised anywhere but her Myspace page and here (and page 2 of amazon.com's new releases) that it's coming out. so the artwork helps bring attention.