28 April, 2008

daddy's little Cyrus

the Cyrus family are causing some controversy. this and some other pics for the upcoming Vanity Fair magazine are making people think Miley is growing up a little too fast. some pictures show the "Hannah Montana" star wrapped in sheets looking very grown up-- the actress/singer is only 15 years old. but i want to discuss the picture with her father, Billy Ray, that some say alludes to some sexual reference. this is where i step in. can't a father and daughter take a picture together and hold hands? at what age do you stop leaning on you dad-- literally and figuratively? do we live in that sick of a world? i have more to say... but how about you? sound off!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it is just a picture....GET OVER IT!.. i mean... if people keep making comments like this it is going to make any woman feel uncomfterable to even be in the same room as her father... when did it become a crime to love your father?