30 April, 2008

is that package for me? : Cubannie Links

me CL earrings are here and i adore them. they are so cool and well put together. i had been checking for them for about a week and the poor package got soaked in the pouring rain on monday, but fortunately they were safe and secure in their little package. i know for a fact i will be ordering more from Annie... i got my eyes on those Twistas....mhhmmm those will definitely be poppin' off this summer!!

ps... check out her blog under fuchsiaMAG friends to see who's been rocking her joints and where you can grab your own.


Annie B. said...

Glad you like it! Muah Muah Muah Fuchsia World! XO - Cubannie / Annie!

jenine said...

I'm def gonna pick up a few of these y are the tupacs sold out :(