UPN x In Living Color

9:15 PM

so it's possible that i'm late on this one, but oh well.. so i came home this evening and turned on my telly and saw Queen Latifah rapping. ok nothing out of pocket there (except that she hasn't come out with a song in a minute). but then i'm looking at her clothes, then i catch the song, then i see the set she's on and then it hits me, "oh snap!", it's In Living Color!. now i know that BET runs the comedy but there's just something about it being on regular television that makes it cooler. i remember on sundays my whole family (me, my mom, my cousins, uncles, and grandma) would gather around just to watch the show. though some characters did freak me out, ie. Fire Marshall Bill, i absolutely love this show and i'm very happy that it's resurrecting itself into more homes.

ps. you know you had a crush on SW-1 and wanted to be a Fly Girl.... don't front!!!

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