juicy Gossip Girl

4:55 AM

during the first season of Gossip Girl a lot of my friends would ask if i watched it. i would respond with the shortest answer, "no." but that "no" pretty much said, "i'm too old for that. not my thing. you've got some nerve asking me that." lol but as season two began to gear up and i'd catch the television commercials and see the actresses on the cover of my delivered mag i began to think that i should give the show a try. honestly, what else would i be doing on a Monday at 8pm anyway? homework? fuggitaboutit! lol anyway i watched the ep from start to finish and i must say, Blair is my b****. i mean, even during 90210 i was always a Brenda girl. there's just something about those bitchy brunettes that hold a dear place in my heart. and i know that GG will now be the appetizer to my main course, the Hills, on Monday evenings.

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