'Sex' was worth the wait

12:56 PM

i was one of many (and i mean many) gals and guys last night who attended the 12:01 am premiere of the Sex and the City movie in New York City. the looooong line was a mix of suits, cocktail dresses, and cute casuals. the AMC Loews on 34th st. was only catering to the long awaited movie featuring the show in all its rooms on the top floor. people were scrambling for seats dipping in and out of each room to make room for themselves. after waiting for about a half an hour to get passed all of the previews, the show FINALLY began. now i'm not going to give any of the plot away but i will say this... you will hear just about everyone say "i'm sorry", Charlotte and Samantha will have you laughing out loud, Carrie will make you say "i want those outfits!!", and you'll want to give Miranda a loving slap in the face. ok sooo this doesn't sound like a stretch from the series, but being that it's now a feature film, elements have been heightened in all directions in order to make the watch more enjoyable and fabulous.

on another note the 'Sex and the City: the movie' book comes out today. now i pre-ordered this week and it arrived to my home yesterday. luckily i did not see it until i was about to leave for NY so if i had even taken a peek inside of the book, i would've found out the whole story before i saw the movie. so note, if you want the book and plan on seeing the movie-- DON'T LOOK AT THE BOOK. it pretty much goes through the whole movie in a somewhat fairy-tale form with pictures, little side notes, and parts that ended up on the cutting room floor. OH!!! and the best part of the book you ask? it goes through each of the gals' outfits from head to toe letting you know the designer of each and every item. and you know these girls are wearing things that aren't even out in stores yet.

overall, it was great to see the ladies and gents of SATC. the show started when i was 16 years old and i can remember coming home after school and watching it (yes back in the 90's they played it in the afternoon). i was so influenced by Carrie that her career as a journalist made me want to become one. and now i'm a journalism major at Rutgers University hoping one day i can be the toast of the town and have people waiting to see what it is i have to say in print. i feel after 10 lovely, heartbraking, stylish, and fabulous years it has all come full circle. if this movie were to be the period that ends the sentence in all that is SATC, then i am very satisfied.

ps. check back later for pics

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