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9:33 PM

the Sex and the City movie pulled in $55.7 million over the weekend bumping Indie into second place. the SATC movie has also become the first romantic comedy and rated 'R' comedy to pull in that much money in an opening EVER!! fabulous!!

now here's my take on the film since most of you have seen it already. if not, well...

i did enjoy the movie overall, but here are some little things that could've been worked on:

1. although i was happy they added a sista by bringing Jennifer Hudson onto the cast, she could've played up her role a bit more.
2. the fifth lady, New York City, was not displayed as much as it could have.
3. how many times were the girls going to squeal every time they saw each other?
4. i needed a scene with just Carrie and Stanford. from pics you can see that one was recorded, but didn't make it on to the screen. :( (or did i miss it??)
5. and lastly, Carrie should've gotten the wedding she wanted. it was Big's third and her first--so what was his problem? when he married Natasha, did he not have a jazz song playing when she walked down the aisle? wasn't that so "Big"?

but like i said. minus those small glitches and the movie is still whimsical, fun, and satisfying :)

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