03 June, 2008

america's next top New York Times Magazine model

Tyra Banks is on the cover of the NYT mag. in her interview she says that she would like to be put in the same categories as Martha Stewart and Oprah. for our generation i believe that she is doing a good job at that; as long as she stays out of jail. the model mogul also states that she has 200 different smiles. pretty creepy as you can see in the third pic. i only have two, my real smile and fake smile :/

ps. look at mr. Jay sans the flat top... pretty creepy (what's with me and "pretty creepy" in this post?) lol


J.E.W.E.L.S said...

she has a video to this...showing you how to do all the smiling and crap...idk, it just looks like shes squinting.

Mighty Franso said...

200 smiles?

tyra banks is a dumbass.

there, i feel better.

ms.rea said...

aww i luh me some tyra frances lol ps thanks for "taking" that mag for me today lol