M.I.A. is now a M.O.M. yay

9:11 AM

so M.I.A. is supposed to perform at the upcoming Oscars, but according to E! News

M.I.A.'s performance [...] (she's a nominee for her collaboration on "O, Saya") [Slumdog Millionaire] remains up in the air. It was reported earlier today that the rapper gave birth sometime this week after performing at the Grammys this past Sunday on her actual due date.
[...]"she's eager to perform…We've said things like, 'We're willing to have her enter on a large bed. We'll make it as easy for her as we can." (FYI: Sources also tell me the baby is definitely here; M.I.A.'s rep did not comment.)

guess we'll just have to see if she shows up, and if so what craziness she'll be wearing.  knowing her--she'll be there *fingers crossed*

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