26 March, 2009

Mally Roncal @ Henri Bendel's today

in a perfect world i'd have Rachel Zoe be my stylist and Mally Roncal be my makeup artist. hopefully a little later today the latter will come true for 5 minutes. between 4-7 pm Mally will be at Henri Bendel's in NYC to brighten some faces and show her new spring makeup line.

if you didn't know Mally is the one who created the J-lo glow, has done a ton of faces for Beyonce and is the regular makeup go to guru for Tracy Reese. check out some Mally video, pics, and products at Mally Beauty.


Chainsaws and Jelly said...

she's an amazing make-up artist

ms.rea said...

she sure as hell is

Amber said...