My Shopping Bag: XXI

11:18 PM

on friday i took a quick trip to Woodbridge Mall in NJ to return an unused dress to XXI. but ladies, you know their return policy: NO MONEY BACK. EXCHANGE ONLY! no worries, i was able to swap the $25 dress for four items and only had to pay a buck and some change. sooo, here's what i got:

Woven 3Q Gingham Shirt


Peace On Earth Tote


Rhinestone Stud Earring Set 


i also got these really cute satin fuchsia peep toe sling back pumps for $5.99!! they were the laaast pair. you can tell they were a bit worn, but they were a great fit and price, so i was taking them.  a pic will come soon... as soon as i find an occasion to wear them to :)

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